HOPE – Helping Others Participate & Engage

HOPE helps older people and carers engage, participate, gain information, have their voices heard, understand their rights, make choices, be involved and share experiences. 

Advocacy is a process of supporting and enabling people to express their views and concerns, access information and guidance, and explore choices for services and care. This can be help getting impartial advice and support when deciding anything from reviewing a utility service, to getting the right health care, and right through to making decisions about long term care and accommodation.

HOPE also helps raise awareness of advocacy, and works with people to help them develop their skills and knowledge.

HOPE will deliver advocacy support for older people (50+) and carers across Wales.  As an advocacy service, HOPE aims to support people from an early stage with any issues or concerns to prevent them slipping into crisis.  This is particularly important given the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the lives of older people who may need support to reengage with their communities and to get access to services.

The HOPE Project is a partnership project between Age Cymru, Age Cymru local partners and Age Connects Wales partners throughout Wales.

For more information contact our Information and Advice Team on 0300 2345 007

HOPE is funded by Welsh Government under the Sustainable Social Services Grant until the end of March 2023.