Council Tax Reductions for People Living with Dementia

The ‘severely mentally impaired’ (SMI) council tax discount is a reduction off a household’s council tax bill, worth at least 25%, and in some cases up to 100%. The payments can be backdated, as well as receiving future discounts.

SMI is a medical diagnosis, but the underlying cause could be a condition such as dementia (or Alzheimer’s), Parkinson’s, severe learning difficulties or having had a stroke. It will depend on each individual case and simply having been diagnosed as SMI doesn’t automatically mean they qualify for the discount. A doctor must also certify they are severely mentally impaired. GPs are not allowed to charge you for this certification. 

There are two steps to qualify.

  1. Someone must be medically certified as being SMI – defined as having “a permanent severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning (however caused).
  2. In Wales, the person must also be receiving at least one of several benefits.

The application form for the discount has been standardised across the Wales, and backdating is allowed by EVERY council in a standardised way, including Conwy.

The Welsh Government has a dedicated webpage with details of the discount and how to claim it. (

For more information call Conwy County’s Council Tax Discounts & Exemptions on 01492 576607