Older People’s Forums 2023 Tackling Isolation & Loneliness

Over the past 6 months, I have been speaking to many older people about lloneliness, isolation, and lack of connection.

Most of us have noticed a decline in civility and basic manners, but everyone is now concerned with the lack of human interaction. It’s not just services that are now only online, but the increase of over the phone or internet contact, self-serve checkouts, and fewer chances to have contact with others.

Lack of transport and pathway infrastructure, children moving far away for work, and a world that has become all but virtual, have led to isolation and spawned the greatest nightmare for older people, a lack of human contact.

Members of the forums often mention that many of their friends and family are dwindling away stuck at home, with declining mental health being brought on by isolation. Day after day, they lose the will to dress, eat and even think.

The lack of human interaction and lack of stimulation is leading to the premature decline of many people in our communities, and especially the older population.

How can we all, every member of every community, join together to make significant changes before we are all forever stuck in a contactless society.