What’s the buzz at the Forums?

The poor state of public transport was widely discussed. Whilst electric vehicles are being hailed as the great solution to our environmental concerns, it seems providing efficient public transport, that would reduce the need for so many cars, is still being neglected.

Think about young people who get a job and then can’t get there because the bus line’s gone.”

Infrequency, lines being cancelled, or routes being changed, and leaving some villages with no transport at all – are just some of the things mentioned.

They said the line was cancelled because they did a survey on one day, with people using the bus who said they didn’t need it every day.”

It’s also difficult to get alternative transport such as taxis due to the expense and lack of service. People have often been told there are no taxis available to take them to a GP appointment, and sometimes they’ve waited over an hour at a supermarket to get their shopping home.

It’s impossible to get a taxi, especially in the morning because they’re [taxis] are all doing the school run.”